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Atributos para cada clase

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Duelist: Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Dreadnought: Earth
Phoenix Knight: Holy
Hell Knight: Dark
Adventurer: Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Sagittarius: Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Archmage: Fire
Soultaker: Dark
Arcana lord: Fire, Holy
Cardinal: Holy
Hierophant: Holy

Eva's Templar: Water/Holy
Sword Muse: Holy
Wind Rider: Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Moonlight Sentinel: Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Mystic Muse: Water
Elemental Master: Water
Eva's Saint: Holy

Dark Elf
Shillen Templar: Wind/Dark
Spectral Dancer: Holy
Ghost Hunter: Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Ghost Sentinel: Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Storm Screamer: Wind/Dark
Spectral Master: Wind/Dark
Shillien Saint: Holy

Titan: Fire
Grand Khavatari: Fire
Doomcryer: Fire
Dominator: Fire

Maestro: Earth, Holy
Bounty Hunter: Earth, Holy

Doombringer: Dark
Soul Hound: Dark
Trickster: Dark, Holy

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