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Rebirth 1 Quest Part I

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Hey dear players, in this guide i will show you how to do rebirth 1 quest!

First you need Goddess's Favor:


Go to treasure gulf and talk with npc Heaven Teleporter(472,1055)


Go talk with Goddess and take Quest



Now go talk with 805.png Huckinson(267, 1780 - Argent)


answer the questions to get the quest "Mark of the Warrior" to get n1747.png Leo Rune :

1) Which of the story quest below is connected to the missing boy quest?
Answer: A Crazy Reason
2) Who is the lover of Andrew?
Answer: Hami
3) Which of these below are material for manufacturing?
Answer: Evil Polliwog Blood
4) The love keepsake of the mysterious granny is..?
Answer: Garden of Eve stone
5) Demonic Fruit will change into what?
Answer: Devil
6) Which of the option below is correct?
Answer: Hami is the illegitimate son of Sang Di
7) Black Market merchant used to be common.
Answer: That was Before he fell in love with Donna.
8.) NPC secrets revealed! What sort of person do you think Pappa is?
Answer: Happy Pretty Girl
9) Regarding gem extraction, which of these stated below is wrong?
Answer: Collection Fee equipment refining level * 1000G
10) Who knows the secret of the Brimstone?
Answer: Ditto and Langa
11) Which herbs stated below has side effect?
Answer: Memory Capsule
12) Whos lying?
Answer: Langa: Mysterious Granny is not the one in my heart
13) Do you like to play Pirate King Online?
Answer: I like it ! (Second one)
14) The High Priest has what bad habit?
Answer: Smoke Addict
15) I believe that these riddles are interesting.
Answer: Do you with to try? Want

Now you can get the Mission!


Go kill Mobs in Lone Tower!

  • Kill 15x 525.png Nimble Forest Hunter (Lone Tower 1)
  • Kill 15x 526.png Nimble Shadow Hunter (Lone Tower 2)
  • Kill 15x 532.png Vicious Grassland Elder (Lone Tower 3)
  • Kill 15x 550.png Evil Guardian Angel (Lone Tower 4)
  • Kill 15x 553.png Ruthless Forest Hunter (Lone Tower 5/6)
  • Kill 15x 554.png Ruthless Shadow Hunter (Lone Tower 5/6)

When you complete come back to 805.png Huckinson(267, 1780 - Argent) and get Leo Rune!. And take the next Quest Little Mystery Man



Now go talk with 735.png Hairstylist (2215,2828 - Argent)



Now take quest "Simple Mission",  Items will get on Aurora Area and Alexandra Npc

  • n0665.gif Gigantic Stramonium Flower ==> Swift Snow Leopard
  • n1120.gif Quality Caviar ==> Arctic Spirit
  • n1566.gif Compressed Energy II ==> Sword Demon



Wine can you collect in Abbadon 1-4:

  • n1681.pngMao Wine ==> Hell Corpse A
  • n1680.pngDukan Wine ==> Hell Pharaoh A
  • n1684.pngGinseng Wine ==> Hell Pharaoh B

When you collect al items come back to NPC, Now you will take "Days of Abstinence" Quests and you must collect this items:

Days of Abstinence (1)
Requirement: 30x n1681.png Mao Wine 

Days of Abstinence (2)
Requirement: 20x n1680.png Dukan Wine 

Days of Abstinence (3)
Requirement: 20x  n1681.png Mao Wine 

Days of Abstinence (4)
Requirement: 15x n1684.png Ginseng Wine 

The second rune, Roico Rune, will be obtained, and a new quest, "Seek out Demonic Guide", will appear.




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