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Tales of Returns

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Here i will post changes or new features of Tales of Returns!!

Main Map Argent


Exp: 40x --> Free Lv 80 in NPC ( 2240,2785 )

Drop: 10x

Pet: 3000x

PartyExp: 3x

Max Lv: 100 with Exp packet

Pet Max Lv: 50 with normal Fruits and 60with Improveds

/buff => get buffed

/info => info and helps

Farm/Exchanger items : Saint of King Emblem, King of Ring Emblem, PPO Emblem, PPO Coin, Kals Runestone, Guild Cards.


NPC Argent Info:

Unseal Shop(2230,2781)

Here you can get your initials sets:


Frames LV70 you will need farm some items to unseal it 🙂

------> GUIDE <---------

You will need apps for weapons and set come here, near bank:



Lv Up NPC(2241,2786)

Here you can level up to your level as you want 80, later if you want level up you need Exp Packet 🙂


Shop General(2219,2779)

Here you can buy general items:


Pet Shop(2206,2789)

Here you can buy some items for fairys:

d99490f6aa54246a92f18e0ad8b36535.png d120d3de76f3b8c0a68b65598db70508.png

Note: if you want add some skills(Meditation, Berserk, etc...) you need first learn Novice and later Standard

You can check this guide for Fairy Marriage:

--> GUIDE <--

If you got Angela or Angela JR fairy you will need this rations and improveds fruits:


You can change your Fairy Possession Effect Color, but only work with Mordo Jr and Angela Jr [need 15 Elven Royal Signet]:


Create your Guild(Argent Bar)

You will need a Guild go Argent Bar to create it or apply on some:



here you can level up your guild to get more bonus!! and got some Items Exchanger for GuildLv, and you can set GuildIcon here!:


Guild NPC - Pappa:

3f558118490eb33fcb4e32aab338e23d.png  7d5d4882558ac3a4e55e49caa43eaa5d.png

  • Guild EXP: 10K = 10 Guild Cards and be Lv0
  • Guild EXP: 20K = 20 Guild Cards and be Lv1+
  • Guild EXP: 30K = 30 Guild Cards and be Lv2+
  • Guild EXP: 40K = 40 Guild Cards and be Lv3+
  • Guild EXP: 50K = 50 Guild Cards and be Lv4+

Guild Trader - Angel(Here you can change items for other, you need some guild lv):

4ddb07414933d52ef6a59339e19b4e0e.png a9595eb2cfc8a5597d9f54682a3890d2.png 53ac2519b84fcecc85c6882704d08aa0.png

  • Soul of Hardin [LV 10] = 10 Guild Card(s) and be Lv10
  • Soul of Darkness [LV 10] = 10 Guild Card(s) and be Lv10
  • Soul of Abaddon [LV 10] = 10 Guild Card(s) and be Lv10
  • Soul of Asura [LV 10] = 10 Guild Card(s) and be Lv10
  • Soul of Abyss [LV 10] = 10 Guild Card(s) and be Lv10
  • Soul of Styx [LV 10] = 10 Guild Card(s) and be Lv10
  • Soul of Black Dragon [LV 20] = 20 Guild Card(s) and be Lv20
  • Kylin Chest [LV 40] = 50 Guild Card(s) and be Lv40
  • Admiral Cloak Box [LV 30] = 20 Guild Card(s) and be Lv30
  • Soul of Kylin [LV 50] = 30 Guild Card(s) and be Lv50
  • Admiral Cloak Upgrade [LV 30] = 20 Guild Card(s) and be Lv30

Guild Icon Npc(here only leader can set a icon to all guild player):


Range 1 = 6d6aeb11150b244c8240d232bd90bc31.png

Range 2 = 579f1b6669eccc5b61386254ef2bc36f.png

Range 3 = d9b346252c31d9437ec72bd19f24ebf6.png

Range 4 = 3433a9c1e5a4e49b6ff715707996e7ce.png

Range 5 = 6f53588abab864eda4f99c81024b31b5.png

Arena Administrator( 2229,2790 - Medal of Valor/ PPO Emblems Exchanger):


  • 10 Saint of the Ring Emblem = 1 PPO Emblem
  • 5 King of the Ring Emblem = 1 PPO Emblem
  • 20 Kals Runestone = 1 PPO Emblem
  • 20 PPO Coin = 1 PPO Emblem
  • 5 PPO Emblem = 10 Guild Card
  • 5 PPO Coin = 5 Exp Packet
  • 1 PPO Coin = 1 Timeless Machine
  • 1 PPO Coin = 1 Mask of Mummy King
  • 1 PPO Coin = 1 Sigil of Anubis
  • 10 PPO Emblem = Rebirth Stone
  • 20 PPO Emblem = Revive Stone
  • 30 PPO Emblem = 3rd Rebirth Stone
  • 10 PPO Coin = 1 Azrael Gem Chest

Chaos Argent(LV 80+ each 3 hours | min 30 close portal | min 45 map end)






Mobs Spawn and Drops:

Novice Chaos Chest(min 5 at min 9)

  • Kals Runestone

Standard Chaos Chest(min 10 at min 14)

  • Kals Runestone

Expert Chaos Chest(min 15 at min 19)

  • Kals Runestone

Fire/Ice Demon(min 20 at min 24)

  • Power of Flame / Power of Frost
  • Angelic Dice

Earth/Time Demon(min 25 at min 29)

  • Power of Wind
  • Angelic Dice

Water/Dark Demon(min 30 at min 34)

  • Power of Thunder
  • Angelic Dice

Black Dragon Phantom(min 35 at min 40)

  • Power of Flame / Frost / Wind / Thunder
  • Angelic Dice 
  • Eye of BD / Heart of BD / Soul of BD

Winner Rewards:

1st Reward: x1 PPO Emblem, 1st CA Winner Chest

1st CA Winner Chest Items:

  • King of the Ring Emblem x1
  • PPO Coin x5
  • Random BD Gem Deity Chest

2nd Reward: x5 PPO Coins, x2 Saint of the Ring Emblem

3rd Reward:  x5 PPO Coins

If you win Chaos Argent 20 times( 20 King of the Ring Emblem) you can claim this title give +5 stats Bonus!!:



Capture the Flag(Each 3 Hours)



CTF Chest List:

  • Key Crystal Gem of Str
  • Key Crystal Gem of Agi
  • Key Crystal Gem of Dex
  • Key Crystal Gem of Con
  • Key Crystal Gem of Spr
  • x5 PPO Coins
  • x3 PPO Emblems
  • x5 King of the Ring Emblem
  • x5 Saint of the Ring Emblem
  • x10 Guild Cards
  • EXP Packet

Your Team won

  • CTF Chest
  • x4 Azrael Gems Chest
  • x2 King of the Ring Emblem
  • x10 PPO Coins

Teams Tied

  • x2 Azrael Gems Chest
  • x2 Saint of the Ring Emblem
  • x5 PPO Coins

Demonic World(Farming - Boss)

Portal Time: 24/7

Coords: 2173,2777

Demonic World 2 portal coords appear in system: 93b3df76ca428943fb415ca14e4ac3ad.png



Imaginary Snow Doll

  • Refining Gem
  • Ja Runestone
  • x3 Silver Badge

Snow Doll Spirit

  • Refining Gem
  • x3 Silver Badge

Evil Snow Doll Spirit

  • Refining Gem
  • x3 Silver Badge

Chest of Demonic World 1

  • Silver Badge
  • Kal Runestone
  • PPO Coin x1


Wandering Soul

  • PPO Coin x2
  • Guild Card x1
  • Azrael Gem Chest
  • Spirit Elixir

Demonic World 2:



Confused Snow Doll

  • Tef Runestone
  • Refining Gem
  • x3 Silver Badge

Demonic Snowman

  • Ter Runestone
  • Refining Gem
  • Naiad Stone
  • Silver Badge

Demonic Yeti

  • Fa Runestone
  • Refining Gem
  • Silver Badge

Chest of Demonic World 2

  • Silver Badge
  • Kal Runestone
  • PPO Coin x1


Snowman Warlord

  • Necklace of Snowman Warlord
  • PPO Coin x2
  • Guild Card x1
  • Azrael Gem Chest

In Demonic World 2 you can go Kill Icy Dragon( 494, 521 ), enter in this portal:




Baby Icy Dragon

  • Dragon Scale
  • Refining Gem
  • Nal Runestone
  • Silver Badge

Long Hair Crab

  • Pink Crystal
  • Sol Runestone
  • Refining Gem
  • Silver Badge

Cursed Water Fairy

  • Ja Runestone
  • Refining Gem
  • Clarion Sand
  • Silver Badge


Icy Dragon(492,521)

  • PPO Coin x2
  • Guild Card x1
  • Azrael Gem Chest
  • Guild EXP Packet

Bounty Hunter( Open each 3 Hours)



Killer Cactus

  • Refining Gem
  • Silver Badge

Dark Area Chest

  • Greater Gems(+6)
  • Refining Gem


1 Survivor

  • PPO Emblem x1
  • King of the Ring Emblem

2 Survivor

  • Saint of the Ring Emblem
  • PPO Coins x2

+3 Survivor

  • PPO Coins x2

Battle Royal( Open Each Hour!!)


1º Winner:

  • 1st BR Winner Chest(with Random Rock Gem)
  • x1 PPO Emblem
  • x1 Random Gem (Bing,Jades,Chiatan...)

2º Winner:

  • 2nd BR Winner Chest
  • x2 PPO Coins

3º Winner:

  • x1 Exp Packet
  • x1 Guild Exp Packet

Black Dragon Lair(Boss)

If you want get Black Dragon altar for Corporeal Black Dragon Set, Follow this GUIDE!!!:

--> GUIDE <--

Ruins of Despero(Boss)

Infernal Dragon:


  • Eye of Black Dragon Deity Chest
  • Soul of Black Dragon Deity
  • Heart of Black Dragon Deity
  • Diamond Badge ( upgrade Marshal Medal )
  • Chest of Orbs
  • Chest of Brazalets


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