Who we are?

I´m Kovu Admin of Sword Art Pirates, but now i am working with this project of Lineage 2. I´m trying do a full pvp/pk server with medium farming. I hope you will get fun on the server!


"Community Board it is a menu with the fast tools on server!"


"For more infor about Skills, Class, etc... enter on"



Try Beta Server now!

Now we are working hard on server but we need YOU for check server and play with all! Invite your friends to get more fun and more PK!


Donwload Now the game!

Get 2 parts on downloads, extract it in folder that you want.
Open game in system/L2.exe and create your account automactly login with it!
Download Part 1 Download Part 2

Get this patch, extract it in client folder and overwrite all.